Class schedule

Session 1 (11:00-12:00 AM) : Iqra and Quran

In teaching Quran recitation, IQS implements individual approach where students can learn at a pace according to his ability. To enhance the learning process, each class or group comprises of maximum 8 students. Additionally, visual aids such as posters, are also used to facilitate the child in understanding makhraj and tajweed.

Sesi 2 (12:00-12:40 AM) : Memorization

In this session, the students are guided to memorize the Surahs, Ayatul Kursi, daily prayer, prayer and dhikr after prayers. In this session we adopt mainly the classical teaching approach, where students guided by a teacher to memorize and understand the surahs or the topics. Some interactive methods such as games may be utilized when needed.

Sesi 3 (12:40-01:15 PM) : Islamic study

In this session, students are taught topics and lessons that are related to knowledge of Islam, like the stories of the prophets, theology, pillars of Iman and Islam, morals (akhlaq), jurisprudence (fiqh), and also modern topics related to Islam and Muslims.