Registration and tuition fee

Tuition and book fee

1. Tuition fee
The tuition fee is $100 per student per year. Parents are expected to pay the whole tuition fee in (9 months) at the beginning of the year to the treasurer (Oppie).

2. Book fee 

The academic committee recommend each family or student to have text book to facilitate the learning process. The text book can also help the students to learn at home.

You can order at any bookstore or to us during the registration.

The following is the recommended book:

1. Juz Amma.

The recommended juz amma book is  The Meaning of Holy Quran for Kids by Yahiya Emerick which contains the transliteration and the translation in English. The cost is: $10.

We recommend to each family to have one book.

Why do we recommend this book ?

We recommend this book because it is so fat the best one to explain verses in Juz Amma with simple English. The translation is easy to understand by children and the book also explains the story behind the surah. Finally, at the end of the surah, it provides questions to help children to think critically.

The problem of this book is there is no Arabic text. This is not a problem if the students are not familiar with Arabic letters. However, for more advanced students, we recommend to read directly from Arabic Quran, and use the Juz Amma text book to understand the surahs.

A sample of the book can be viewed here.

2. Islamic study book

The text books for Islamic study is:

Every family is recommended to have this book according to the children age/level.

Why do we recommend these books ?

The books have good quality both the content and the illustration.
The books also provide the wisdom behind the ibadat and the story of the prophets which is critical for the students to understand the religion.

Furthermore, most Islamic text books are limited to provide the information and facts without deep information to motivate children to perform ibadaat.


Online registration is closed. For onsite registration, please see the administration on site every Saturday from 11AM to 1PM at Masjid Istiqlal.

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